Established in 1983, the Jardin Lee was the very first Chinese restaurant to open its doors in Saint-Sauveur.

Here is its story... 

Born in Hong Kong, Sammy Chan and his wife, Shelley Lee, came to Canada in the 70’s. Falling in love with Saint Sauveur, they decided to settle there. However, they were faced with a myriad of challenges. Both were in their early twenties, spoke no French, and spoke only a smattering of English. Sammy, who previously worked in a jewellery store, decided to embark on a career change to the cuisine... with success! 

During the 80’s, Shelley attended a hotel and catering training program. Subsequently, bolstered by Sammy’s experience in Asian haute cuisine, they decided to open their own restaurant: Le Jardin Lee. 

Within a few months Le Jardin Lee gained an excellent reputation, garnering numerous positive reviews from various food columnists thanks to the quality of its food, its warm atmosphere, its affordable prices, and its welcoming and smiling personnel. Due to its renown, many artists and prominent political figureheads frequently stop by to enjoy a meal. 

With years gone by, Sammy and Shelley’s know-how led them to pursue new opportunities. They had provided Chinese food from this kitchen to many supermarkets in the Laurentians. Since 2002, they have created and directed a food manufacture, near Quebec city, to provide Fresh Asian meal to big chains supermarket all over Quebec.

Their determination, perseverance, and ceaseless efforts enabled them to lay a solid foundation for which their business was built upon. Their tradition of quality and customer satisfaction were inherited and carried on by two of their children, Jackie and Janet.

The Jardin Lee has been intrinsically very rewarding to its owners and their family. Fueled by the kindness of the village inhabitants as well as the loyalty of their customers, Le Jardin Lee continuously strive to offer their best. 

Enjoy your meal!

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